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We offer various well-coordinated security services. 

Security has become a paramount concern for schools and other educational establishments, with the need to ensure that they are both smoothly run and well protected. Proforce1 Security offers a wide range of options to help you meet those goals. 

Many school & facility managers are unaware of the insurance liability (i.e. safety of their staff & caretakers).

Lock and Unlock 

It can be difficult to find reliable key holders, and illness or other unforeseen circumstances have the potential to cause major disruption. Our lock-up/unlock service ensures peace of mind, removes the security responsibility from staff, saves wasted time and the cost of replacement keys. 

Caretaker Cover

Proforce1 can undertake some basic duties of a caretaker and site support for schools of all sizes. Whether you need full or part-time cover, we can tailor a package to suit your establishment, as well as dealing with last-minute or ‘ad hoc’ requests.

Facilities Lettings

Out-of-hours events and facility lettings play an increasingly important part in both enriching school life and providing additional income. Proforce1 can help make these events run more smoothly, providing the responsible person for security that most schools’ insurance policies will require.

Alarm Response

Unfortunately, these days schools are just as vulnerable as businesses to anti-social behaviour and other crime. Our response team is ready to respond to alarm activations and attend your premises. In the event of a break-in, we will handle any escalation ensuring that pre-agreed protocols are followed, such as contacting emergency services, locksmiths and glaziers.

School Holidays

Many schools have buildings and facilities which are either not in use or unoccupied for significant periods of time, particularly during the holidays. Proforce1 can provide enhanced surveillance in such circumstance, giving you peace of mind. Our friendly, specially trained staff can also provide police, school governors, parents and teachers with intelligence and advice on potential threats in their locality.

Proms, Events and Festivals


We are able to provide experienced licenced security personnel for all of the above that your school may be holding and can supply staff for both small and larger scale gatherings.

Fast response

24hr coverage

Trusted, experienced security operatives

Key safe storage

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