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Your security is our business

For the last 25 years, we have been supplying security solutions to companies in London, Hertfordshire and the Home Counties.

Highly experienced in the issues facing these areas and the solutions to them, we are a preferred supplier for many local councils, housing associations, schools, sports grounds and construction sites including an exclusive portfolio of retail premises including jewellers, estate agents and car dealerships. 

Whether you require 24hr security to monitor industrial parks, warehouses or development land including void property protection, need a key-holding and alarm response service for a school or are looking for a construction site security solution, Proforce1 Security can assist.

Intruder Detection

Building site & vacant property temporary security

A trusted supplier to the construction industry, we can deploy a wide range of specialist services to help safeguard your site, with rapid and effective response to any potential security breaches. We can provide and install intruder alarms on either a short or long-term hire basis which are effective, flexible, user-friendly and employ state-of-the-art technology.

We can provide and install intruder alarms on either a short or long-term hire basis which are effective, flexible, user-friendly and employ state-of-the-art technology.

When it comes to protecting your site, or commercial facility, intruder detection is the first line of defence.

Commercial Key Holding 

Key Holding Services

We provide businesses with a Keycafe holding service so you can manage, restrict and monitor the access and use of your keys simply and securely.  Keys are uniquely coded and stored in a high secure vault, using the latest keycafe technology. The control room is in constant contact with our specialist team of authorised key holders which means they can be quickly mobilised and despatched to your premises in the event of an emergency, out-of-hours call out or alarm activation. We provide a fast response service and guarantee to be at your property within ACPO guidelines.

Our Response unit is here to reset alarms, grant access to maintenance tradesmen or employees, detain intruders until the police arrive, protect you and your staff from threatening behaviour and will conduct a full inspection to ensure that the premises are secure before they leave.

Alarm Response

Our emergency alarm response team will attend your premises and deal with the situation that caused the alarm activation. In the event that your premises has suffered damage or been broken into we will handle any escalation ensuring pre-agreed protocols are followed.

These might include contacting the emergency services or contractors such as locksmiths or glaziers.

Findings are reported, detailing the incident and actions taken by the responding security operative.

Lock & Unlock Service 

Take the worry out of security matters with this service, popular with schools, councils and construction sites, as well as an exclusive portfolio of retail premises including jewellers, estate agents and car dealerships.

When locking premises for the evening, operatives will ensure all staff have left before performing a final patrol of the building, checking that doors and windows are secure. They will also ensure lights and office equipment are switched off, saving you energy costs and preventing the possible risk of fire, before setting the alarm and locking up.

The following morning, one of our operatives will arrive at the premises at a time decided by you. They will unlock the building, switch off the alarm and perform an interior check, opening internal doors and turning on appliances as required. This done, they will await the arrival of your staff.

This service eliminates the responsibility on staff of locking down and opening, allowing them to concentrate on their real job. It also ensures they are not exposed to any possible danger during this process, and eliminates the inconvenience of a keyholder suddenly being unavailable – a situation which can seriously affect your business, liability and insurance.

We offer this service on both a scheduled and on-demand basis, and we are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if someone is locked out of your property, or if contractors and tradesmen need access outside of normal working hours.

The service is backed up by full reporting of who accessed the building and when, with any potential vulnerabilities highlighted to assist with facilities management, ensuring a more secure premises for everyone.

Security Concern 

If you are concerned about any security issues regarding your property, we can deploy a response unit to attend within minutes.

Proforce 1 Security

Land or Vacant Property Inspections

When your premises are left empty, we can increase our surveillance for added peace of mind. In your absence or when it is not convenient for you or your staff, we will grant access to builders and other service providers.

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