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How security guards reduce crime

By November 12, 2022November 18th, 2022No Comments

We are used to going about our daily business under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras, which are on just about every corner.

They can be an effective deterrent against crime but, by and large, the general public pays them no attention. A uniformed police officer or security guard, however, has the opposite effect. 

People take notice of and pay attention to them. In this blog, we will explore how that physical presence can impact crime levels and enhance the feeling of security in your neighbourhood. 

A visible way to deter crime

It is an unfortunate fact, but some areas of the country are more prone to criminal behaviour than others. 

From run-down, inner-city estates where poverty is rife, to out-of-the-way rural regions, police force resources in some places can be stretched more thinly than elsewhere. 

That leaves residents and businesses more vulnerable to burglary, vandalism or other opportunistic criminals. 

While insurance companies are often there to pick up the pieces after an event, wouldn’t it be better to deter crime in the first place? 

Uniformed security guard patrols can help do this. 

Actively providing reassurance

A study by the University of Cambridge found that the presence of security guards at UK railway stations prevented a wide range of criminal activities. 

It said the security guards were also able to detect a range of notifiable offences, and could even manage initial crime scenes until police officers arrived.  

The report concluded that security guards’ active presence meant they were “dynamically engaged in law enforcement” and “actively engaged in visibility and providing reassurance”. 

Random patrols of particular areas helped prevent criminal behaviour and could also increase detection of new crimes. 

The study also said security guards had the potential to take “an active part” in the modern criminal justice system, going beyond their classic ‘observe and report’ role. 

Visible, tracked security guard patrols 

This is where our professional security patrols come into their own. 

Our patrol vehicles will respond immediately to any emergency. They are also equipped with the latest GPS tracking equipment and CCTV live streaming direct to our control rooms. 

They are a highly visible security presence, and aim to make locals feel safe and secure, while sending out a warning to would-be criminals. 

It begs the question, does it just take muscle to be a security guard? 

Vetted and ACPO compliant 

Ours can be a challenging industry, and Proforce1 Security employees all undergo rigorous checks to ensure they’re able to operate at the highest level.  

All our security staff are expertly trained and vetted to the British Standards Institution’s BS 7858. It details the best practices and guidelines for the screening of individuals employed in a security environment. 

Our employees are also licensed by the Security Industry Association and have passed enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks. 

Our company is Association of Chief Police Officers-compliant and conforms to British Standard BS7984-1:2020. It includes: 

  • Locating causes of security and safety alarms
  • Making premises secure and complete keyholding attendance
  • Preserving potential evidence of security breaches
  • Carrying out site inspections to support keyholding activities

How our security guards prevent crime

Local police forces cannot be everywhere at once, so our uniformed security patrols act as a support mechanism, deterring crime and acting as a protective shield for residents and commercial premises. 

Our patrols operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year on a random schedule, so criminals cannot set their watches by us. 

Our teams will check vulnerable areas such as doors and windows on client properties, and our service includes real-time reporting of any suspicious activity, such as unauthorised persons or vehicles in the local area.

A swift, protective response 

If you sign up for our service, we guarantee a fast response to any security queries or concerns you may have about your property or anti-social behaviour taking place near you. 

We can deploy a unit to attend the location within minutes, bringing peace of mind to everyone concerned. But our visible presence goes far beyond vehicle patrols. 

Always going the extra mile

If you go on holiday, our uniformed operatives will not only keep an eye on your property or premises, they can also feed your pets, pick up any post or parcels, water plants, grant contractor/tradesmen access to the premises and even put the bins out. 

On the face of it, that might not sound like security guard protection, but all this unscheduled activity will prevent criminals from trying to break in, while also allowing your neighbours to sleep easily too. 

And, if you’re coming home after enjoying a night out or working unsociable hours, a trusted member of our team can see you safely to your front door. 

Our co-founder, Dave Jordan, says: “We can be there whenever and wherever we are needed, focusing on providing a personalised service for every client.”

Sign up for our patrol service

We can protect your home and business with round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance, deterring criminals and keeping your neighbourhood safe.

If our security patrol service is already operating near you, sign up and your premises or home will be added to our route. 

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Alternatively, email, or use this contact form and we’ll get your property protected. 


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