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Is there an alternative to expensive security guarding?

By November 21, 2022No Comments

Commercial and residential property owners understand the value of what’s inside their buildings. They’ve worked hard for what they have, and want to ensure their possessions and people stay protected and safe, no matter the cost.

For centuries, traditional security guards have provided protection for people’s homes and business, always understanding the risks that come with a security services job.

The growth of digital systems has led to a big change in the security sector, as many people choose to rely on technology for their security needs rather than guards.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at security technology, what it provides and why – even in this digital age – it can’t hold a candle to a flesh-and-blood security guard.

What is the difference between security and guarding?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of security is: “protection of a person, building, organisation, or country against threats such as crime or attacks”.

Electronic security systems such as video surveillance monitoring, as well as fences and gates all come under this definition. They prevent entry to a location, building or business, keeping whatever is inside out of the hands of would-be criminals.

Manned guarding, according to the dictionary, has two meanings: “watch over in order to protect or control” and “protect against damage or harm”.

While technology can easily deal with security, when it comes to guarding and ongoing surveillance, that’s where we believe a manned guard service has the upper hand.

Is technology better than traditional guards?

There are many benefits to using technology-based security tools rather than a human guard. Indeed for some companies and individuals, a low-cost system is their only security option.

Fitting CCTV cameras to enable remote video monitoring can, on the face of it, provide a reliable level of security to protect a commercial building or an entire property, whether it’s a business or a home.

It may even offer some cost savings in the short term. But it leads to the inevitable question: how much security does it really offer a business, compared to manned guarding?

Remote security cannot decide access control, or identify risk or suspicious activity. It can’t prevent a break in or respond if visitors are free to wander around a site, then act inappropriately, leading to all sorts of possible liability problems for your business.

The sole solution is to have onsite security guards.

Are security guards trustworthy?

We can’t speak for other companies, but we can say without a shadow of a doubt that our security guards are completely reliable and trustworthy.

All our security guard staff are vetted to BS7858, licensed by the Security Industry Authority, which reports to the Home Office, and have enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Because of these guarantees and our willingness to stake our long-held reputation on our security guard employees, you can have complete faith and trust in our security guards and the services they provide for your business or property.

Human intelligence vs artificial intelligence

It might sound odd, but the growth of digital technology has actually been a benefit to the security industry.

Proactive video monitoring based on CCTV has revolutionised home and business security, allowing areas to be kept safe while using very little security guards.

It’s allowed many people to feel secure, knowing their homes and place of business are protected by some sort of security service and at a cost they believe is more reasonable than manned guarding.

However, when it comes to extensive site coverage in multiple places or larger properties, the same questions resurface when the technology is compared to manned security or the benefits of having even a single security guard.

The limits of security companies’ tech compared to a human guard

We are among many security companies to offer remote monitoring systems as well as guards to commercial building owners and residential property managers.

They provide round the clock surveillance to ensure a secure and safe environment at a reasonable cost. They are backed by trained operators who will notify the police directly if they need to respond to any activity they deem suspicious.

While that valuable service can keep your home and business secure, there are drawbacks, including potentially wasting police time. For businesses, that is a cost to their reputation they can’t afford.

Our security guards are trained professionals and, while patrolling watch areas, can quickly assess and determine the risk level of any situation.

If they detect crime or suspect dangerous conditions, they will immediately notify the police, ensuring a cost-effective and wise use of resources.

How do I choose a security guard?

All Proforce1 Security staff are expertly trained, yet they also need the brains to go with the brawn to provide a great security guard service.

Ensuring unwelcome visitors don’t enter a building or site is a prime focus of manned guarding, but our services include monitoring activity in the surrounding area of a location or business.

Our staff are not only able to assess the risks associated with a site or building, each guard knows how to monitor and defuse potentially tense situations without allowing them to unnecessarily escalate.

A helping hand when you need it

Our expert security guards not only monitor your property round the clock as part of regular patrols, they can also carry out a wide range of support services.

If you’re on holiday or working away from home, our guard can feed your pets, pick up your doorstep post or parcels, water your plants, give contractors or tradespeople entry to your property and even put out the bins.

Our protection extends beyond what you possess, where you live and work: our security guards can also see you home safely at night or during unsociable hours.

Will many guards be automated in the future?

Rear,View,Of,Security,Guard,Searching,On,Stairway,With,FlashlightThe security sector can be a fast-changing landscape, so it’s entirely possible there could be as many robot security guards as human versions.

Perhaps automation will advance beyond proactive video monitoring and remote security will outpace the traditional guard and security company.

We think it’s going to be a long, long time before technology and any kind of remote security can match the dedication and commitment of our security guard service – not to mention costs.

We know our customers understand the security, value and peace of mind our manned guard service provides.

Daily security patrols and a fast response

Our security teams can patrol your business or property 24/7, 365 days a year, checking vulnerable areas such as doors and windows and assessing any risks involved with that location.

We provide ongoing surveillance and offer real-time reporting of any suspicious activity. That includes unauthorised persons or vehicles in or near the vicinity, and checking areas perhaps not covered by video monitoring.

Our traditional guards can also deploy a Response unit within minutes of receiving a report from a concerned resident.

How many security guards will I need?

The number of security guards you choose will depend on the answers to a lot of questions:

What sort of location will our security guards be protecting?

The size and location of the property or site requiring protection are the first factors to be determined when assigning the number of security guards.

As a rule, the bigger and more complex the property or site, the more security guards will be needed to ensure maximum security.

As well as building security, we also provide a wide range of commercial services, including vacant land and property inspection.

Is there an existing security system on site?

If you don’t have remote monitoring or another security system in place, we can install a range of robust, high-quality remote monitoring equipment to complement the security guard service.

Do you need a lock and unlock service?

Our security guards can ensure your premises, business or property is securely locked at night and opened safely in the morning, with internal checks carried out at both times.

Choose us as your security provider

Proforce1 Security guards are vetted, professional and trained. They are also trusted and reliable, and will provide an unmatched service for you, your business or property.

If you want to find out more about how to hire a security guard, chat about cost, systems or any other security issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call us on 020 8275 1023 or 020 8275 1021, email or fill out this contact form and we’ll reply as quickly as possible. 


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