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Is it worth investing in CCTV monitoring for my school?

By September 9, 2022September 12th, 2022No Comments

Anti-social behaviour. Vandalism. Criminality. UK schools face them all, both during the academic year and the school holidays.

Children, parents and teachers can sometimes fear for their safety in some regions of the country, potentially preventing youngsters from securing a good education and getting on in life.

Proforce1 Security can provide and install technology, including CCTV systems, that will safeguard your school and the people using it. Let’s take a look at the many benefits it can bring and some potential drawbacks.

CCTV cameras as a deterrent outside term time

During the academic year schools are hives of activity, with teachers, students and parents all coming and going for weeks at a time, falling largely silent during half-term and other school holidays.

Teachers and administrators often take advantage of this quiet time to catch up on paperwork, and without adequate security, they can be vulnerable to criminals entering the grounds and getting up to no good.

Preventing damage and deterring vandals

Visible CCTV cameras can be an excellent deterrent to vandals and criminals, preventing damage or unwanted congregations of people that could lead to unlawful behaviour.

CCTV systems not only save schools money by deterring vandalism, the footage can also be used in court to help secure convictions for anyone entering the premises illegally.

Do CCTV security cameras = better student behaviour?

The presence of CCTV cameras in schools can also help improve behaviour during term time, particularly among older children, several studies have shown.

Students in educational institutions where CCTV cameras are installed have a tendency to behave better, knowing their actions are being recorded.

Reduced bullying, classroom misbehaviour and ‘bunking off’

While adults may think that being watched by ‘big brother’ can be a bad thing, CCTV systems in schools can have an overwhelmingly positive impact.

Some of the most commonly cited benefits of CCTV systems include reduced truancy, smoking and drug use, theft prevention and an improvement in general classroom behaviour.

A CCTV system can also give teachers a better understanding of what prompts fights or violent incidents and can provide surveillance support in schools where teachers are in short supply.

Teachers feel protected with a CCTV system

As well as bolstering the external security of a school’s teaching and administrative staff, CCTV systems can also be useful in internal cases where accusations of improper behaviour are made.

The technology can help support teachers facing claims from troublesome pupils, while schoolchildren who feel a line has been crossed may be able to use CCTV footage to identify culprits and corroborate any claims.

CCTV systems can help bring peace of mind to everyone in and connected with the school.

Ensuring authorised visitors only

Anyone who has done the school run knows that first thing in the morning, lunch time and evening pick-ups can be chaotic and noisy, so they need a little extra surveillance.

CCTV cameras can support even the smallest school’s front-gate security, but it’s also hugely valuable at the less-busy times too.

Deliveries, parents coming to pick up poorly children, or any other visitor can be quickly and easily assessed using CCTV cameras, providing a reassuring initial layer of security.

Arguments against using CCTV systems in schools

There are as many people opposed to using CCTV cameras in schools as there are supporting it, and the arguments put forth from the ‘no’ camp are powerful.

Data protection and privacy

By far the biggest concern about deploying a CCTV system in schools is about children’s privacy and what will happen to the footage gathered by the cameras.

There are strict rules about installing CCTV cameras in schools. Educational establishments must register with the UK Information Commissioner Office and stick to its code of practice for using CCTV systems.

Any school using a CCTV system must also adhere to the UK General Data Protection Regulation.

It ensures personal data is processed in a way ensuring its security against unauthorised or unlawful use or processing, and against accidental loss, destruction, or damage.

It’s important to remember schools may have to pay a data protection fee because of the information gathered by the security cameras they will be processing.

Security beyond a CCTV system

As a trusted supplier to schools and other sectors, Proforce1 Security can supply a range of security solutions to your school, including CCTV cameras, as well as key-holding and alarm response services.

Our popular Lock & Unlock service will ensure all your school’s windows and doors are secure, and all lights and office equipment are turned off, before setting the alarm and locking up.

Dedicated support

Our staff will return the next working day to unlock the building, switch off the alarm and carry out an interior check, before opening internal doors and turning on appliances.

Our operative will not leave until your staff arrive.

Contact us

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Alternatively, email, or use this contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling. 


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