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Everyone wants to protect their family and possessions with robust home security. There is a lot of hardware on the market that will help you do that, but as the tech becomes smarter, so do the criminals.

There is another way. The team at Proforce1 Security offers a visible human presence, backed by constant monitoring of your property, giving you 100% peace of mind.

Want to permanently deter vandals and criminals? Check out our six tips to improving your home security.

1. Install an alarm system

Arguably the easiest technical solution to home security, installing an alarm system from a reputable company can be a quick and easy way to protect your home and deter burglars.

It’s worth doing some homework when it comes to choosing the right technology for your property, which we explored in our blog. There are systems out there that have lots of bells and whistles, but it’s important to ensure they provide the security you need.

What will the alarm system do?

Does it need to prevent entry at both the front and back door, or are there more potential access points that need to be secured? Will it come with remote monitoring?

The sophistication of the system you choose may also depend on your budget. It also goes without saying there can be a big difference in the level of customer service provided by some third-party monitoring companies.

2. Sign up for our 24-hour security patrols

No matter which technological solution you choose, you can bolster it with our 24-hour security patrols. They are a proven, effective deterrent against crime and criminal behaviour.

Our highly visible patrol vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS tracking equipment, while CCTV is livestreamed to our control rooms.

Expertly trained, vetted staff

All Proforce1 Security staff are expertly trained and vetted to BS7858, the UK standard for people employed in the security industry.

They are also licensed by the Security Industry Authority, which regulates the country’s private security sector and have enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

3. Extending security beyond your front door

Our teams can patrol and monitor your property 24/7, every day of the year, keeping an eye on vulnerable areas such as windows and less-visible doors.

Any suspicious activity, for example unauthorised people or vehicles in or near your property are reported in real time, enabling any action to be taken quickly.

We become your Neighbourhood Watch

You can join forces with your neighbours or other homeowners on the same patrol route and sign up together for our mobile security service.

As well as putting the safeguarding of your street into the hands of Proforce1 Security professionals, it could even save you money.  Drop us a line and we can set those wheels in motion.

4. Don’t forget the garage door

Many homeowners go to great lengths to secure the doors and windows on their houses, but overlook their garage door.

It might surprise you to learn 20% of all UK break-ins are through garage doors, and half of homeowners don’t lock them.

This is despite burglars habitually causing over £1,000-worth of damage and stealing goods worth twice that amount. Our security patrols can reduce the risk of this happening to you.

5. Key holding service

How many people keep their house, car and garage keys all on the same set of rings? Lose one and it’s not just a door locksmith you’ll need. We can offer a safety net.

Our key holding service ensures you can always access your property, whether you’re jetting off on holiday for a fortnight, or if your bag is snatched.

All keys are uniquely coded and stored in a vault using the latest technology. We will respond promptly, and guarantee to be at your property within the guidelines laid out by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

6. Going the extra security mile

It’s a sad fact but not all of us know our neighbours as well as we’d like, so there’s not always anyone to call on to lend a hand if you go on holiday or are hospitalised for a few days.

Proforce1 Security can help. Alongside our key holding service and regular street patrols, our expert teams can feed your pets for example.

A helping hand when you need it

They can also pick up any doorstep post or parcels, water your plants, grant contractors or tradesmen access to your property and even put out the bins.

As well as offering you support when you or your loved one is away from home, our staff’s visible presence also bolsters any home security system. Can an alarm go the extra mile? We don’t think so.

Contact us for more details

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